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Myers Mindset

Dec 14, 2017

We were honored to have Angela Hauck (@angehauck) with us and she shared everything you need to do for finding a great online fitness coach and the ALL the details that go into a bikini competition.

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Notes from the interview:

Costs associated with prep
  • Coach/Trainer
  • Gym membership
  • Posing coach - private or group
  • Food
  • Supplements
  • Competition suit
  • Competition heels
  • Federation membership
  • Competition entry fee
  • Competition tan, hair & makeup
  • Jewelry 
  • Mani + Pedi
  • Waxing
  • Hotel
  • Transportation/Travel
  • Photography - backstage or stage shots
What a good coach does
  • Check-ins with you regularly with accountability and support
  • Experience AS A COACH... Just because they won their pro card doesn't qualify them to be a good coach
  • Ensure that they are certified.... Being a competitor does not mean you have the knowledge to train somebody in this sport
  • Creates an individualized plan designed around your goals and needs
  • Tweaks the plan based on how you responding
  • Finds out exactly where you at when you start working together.... A good coach needs to know how much you're eating, how much cardio you're doing, etc. to provide a personalized approach
  • Gives you realistic expectations surrounding your goals
  • Answers in a timely manner
  • Will tell you "we will aim for that show, but I will let you know if I don't think you're ready"
  • Provides post-show support
Questions to ask a potential coach...
What kind of experience do you have as a trainer in the bodybuilding world? 
What are your philosophies surrounding competition prep? 
What methods do you use when dieting your clients? 
What methods do you use for communicating with your clients? How quickly do you respond to client?
Do you help with posing & presentation as well? 
How do you support your clients after the show?