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Myers Mindset

Aug 13, 2018

Our very 1st of 1000 interviews discovering what makes people happy and we couldn't have had a better combo. Follow @stupidfitcouple and grab a copy of their book "50 Totally Stupid Real Life Reasons To Work Out" on Amazon or at a store near you. When it comes to happiness, Karley and Aaron taught us that with everything that happens in life, we get to choose how we respond to it..Remember to tell silly jokes, do quirky things, make each other laugh often..Whatever goal you’re going after, make sure there’s a “swing” at the top of the mountain so that once you get there, you can celebrate and have fun...Don’t take everything too seriously, life is already serious enough, poke fun at life’s seriousness and find the humor in it...Fuel your body with food that energizes and vitalizes you...Be yourself with no limits 100% of the time without critiquing. Follow @stupidfitcouple and we'll catch you on the next interview!