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Myers Mindset

Dec 23, 2017

Messed up the intro (twice), lots of little mistakes, didn't articulate my thoughts as well as I would have liked...F*ck it! We're gonna post it anyway. Which is the core of the message we wanted to share with you. Don't wait for everything to be lined up and perfect, just START! 

Dec 21, 2017

We had the privilege to sit down with the winner of our first ever #MFC30daychallenge, Stephanie Almhem!! She's a wife, mother, runner, and traveler who has had an amazing transformation and is inspiring all those around her. Follow Stephanie on Instagram @mrs.almhem as she continues to kick ass on her journey :)

Dec 14, 2017

Chris Elkins stopped by and dropped pure FIRE and words of wisdom talking about setting goals, the Max Hype program, internal motivation, video games, and living a stress-free life!

Follow Chris on Instagram @chriselkins and his training program @MaxHypeTraining

Dec 14, 2017

We were honored to have Angela Hauck (@angehauck) with us and she shared everything you need to do for finding a great online fitness coach and the ALL the details that go into a bikini competition.

Find her on IG @AngeHauck
Check out her Transform Your Life Podcast: 

Dec 11, 2017

We are suuuuuuper excited to share with you the launch of a passion project of ours: Heavily Meditated Apparel (@heavilymeditated.apparel on IG for love and lol's)